I’m Carina Sammartino, the publicist behind several New York Times bestsellers and thousands of other books.

In April 2022, I started The Good Author newsletter about life behind the bestseller. Having worked with people at all stages of their careers, I’ve seen some people write books and some become authors. There’s a difference. It’s my intention to shed some light on the many aspects of what it takes to become a Good Author (also the topic of my ebook, which you get when you become a subscriber).

The newsletter goes out every other Tuesday for now (soon to be weekly) and features a mix of my own writings and stories, plus some of my favorite books and tools to make life a little easier. Interviews with authors and experts, and occasional advice posts, will be published on Sundays. Soon, I’ll start doing Ask Me Anything sessions to answer direct questions you may have.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of creative people in media and publishing. Here you’ll find all their collective wisdom together in one place. Join us!

Note: All content is free for now. At some point, I’ll make some of it for paid subscribers only — but the newsletter will always be free.