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Some People Write Books. Some Become Authors. 

Learn the Difference. Start Here.

Being an author is a journey, not a destination. Whether you've written a book or are just thinking about it, save yourself tons of time and money by learning the basics of what it takes to become an author. This 38-page guide sets you up for success by explaining the mindset and basic foundation every author should have in place for long term publishing success. 

M.B.A. stand for Mindset, Brand, Attitude. If you start with the Good Author MBA, you'll save yourself years of struggle as an author, and make yourself an ideal partner for publishers and others along the way. It’s what every author wishes they knew in the beginning of their career -- like a fast pass to the front of the line. 

The Good Author MBA Starter Kit 

Mindset. Brand. Attitude

Get The Entire PDF Right Away.




Carina Sammartino is the publicist behind several New York Times bestselling authors who have sold millions of books and have appeared on respected media outlets such as Oprah, Ellen, NPR, and hundreds more. 

She began her publicity career at Hay House, the publisher founded by Louise Hay in 1984 that grew to be the world’s largest producer of self-help books and ancillary products. As the Senior Publicist there for nearly a decade, she spent seven, career and life defining years as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s publicist. She's the founder and president of 
Parallel 33 PR in 2013 and continues to work with incredible authors.

Her ebook is a collection of knowledge acquired over twenty years of working with leaders in publishing including bestselling authors, creatives, and executives. She created The Good Author to help beginner to mid-level authors reach their goals sooner by sharing the secrets of the industry and providing educational tools and resources in an affordable way. 




"When my publisher brought Carina on to the team to support my book journey I was relieved to be working with someone with extensive experience. Carina was highly professional, has strong, meaningful and aligned connections and she cares about you and providing positive results. Cracking the codes of success in the world of publicity can be tough, but Carina delivers and I have confidence in her abilities."


Author of Animal Power

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